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Eco Fire Protection FAQs

Eco fire protection products refer to products that are designed to prevent or contain fires while minimizing their impact on the environment. These may include Cable Tray Sleeves, Flexible Fire Duct Sleeves, Pipe Sleeves, Fire Extinguishers, and other solutions for fire prevention and containment.

Cable trays are mechanical support systems, that are used for electrical cables. To protect your cable tray from a fire, investing in a UFS Cable Tray Sleeve is the best alternative.

Our Eco fire protection products are designed to minimise the environmental impact of fire prevention and containment. This may involve using sustainable or renewable materials, reducing waste or emissions, or focusing on energy efficiency in the manufacturing process.

We at FPC, are an environmentally conscious company, which is why we offer an exclusive Eco-fire safety range. Each product that’s part of this range will undergo thorough testing to make sure it meets high-safety standards in the evolving market. To learn more, head over to our Eco-Friendly Page, to understand more of the benefits and why we do so.  

The Best Passive Fire Protection Products

Electrical Fire Protection FAQs

Electrical fires can cause significant damage to property and pose serious risks to occupants of a building. Proper electrical fire protection measures can help prevent fires from starting, detect them early if they do occur, and contain them to minimise their impact.

As leasing Fire Protection Suppliers, we specialise in providing high-quality and cost-effective electrical fire-rated products. We have a range of Intumescent Mastic Sealants, Putty Pads and many more

Carbon dioxide extinguishers are the ideal choice for electrical fires. They are safe to use of electrical fires because they do not leave any residue.

Common causes of electrical fires may include overloaded circuits or outlets, damaged or frayed wiring, faulty electrical equipment, and improper use of electrical devices or appliances. Our blog ‘Fire Safety in the Office’ explains the common causes of electrical products in the workplace and how to avoid them.

Plumbing FAQs

Plumbing fire protection refers to systems and measures designed to prevent, detect, and extinguish fires in plumbing and piping systems, which can act as a source of fuel and spread fire within a building.

Plumbing systems can contribute to fire risks by providing a source of fuel for fires, as well as by creating a pathway for fires to spread between floors or through walls.

Examples of plumbing fire protection measures may include installing an intumescent pipe collar, pipe wrap, and an intumescent sealant to prevent fire spread.

The Dangers of HVAC Fires

Ventilation/HVAC Fire

HVAC systems can spread fire and smoke quickly throughout a building if not properly protected, potentially causing extensive damage or even loss of life. That’s why at FPC, we specialise in Ventilation/ HVAC Fire Safety products to ensure the safety of building occupants.

A dirty air filter is one of the most frequent causes for an HVAC system to break down, as it forces your blower unit to work extra hard. This can lead to increased energy consumption and could even cause a power surge that trips the circuit breaker.

Structural Fire Protection FAQs

The main purpose of structural fire protection, is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, within the building.

Structural fire protection products are different to ordinary fire-protection products, because they are made to support your structural integrity of your property. At FPC, we have a range of fire protection products which are designed to fill the voids and gaps, left in a buildings construction.

Our product page, has a range of structural fire-protected products like Fire Curtains, PU Coated Glass Cloths, Intumescent Block Grilles and many more. Each product is unique and made to prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

A structural fire can be caused by various factors, including electrical problems, cooking accidents, smoking, heating systems and combustible materials. To prevent fires, it is important to follow safety guidelines, maintain heating systems, avoid smoking indoors, and have working smoke detectors, fire extinguishers the correct fire safety products in place.

Are Structural Fire Protection Products Needed?

Sealant FAQ

Firestop Sealants, a vital component in the construction process, create an impenetrable barrier between penetrants and building walls or floors. By sealing small gaps caused by civil pipes, ducts and electrical cables passing through these surfaces, they form an effective safeguard against fires from spreading throughout buildings.

Intumescent sealants are also known as fire mastics. They are used to reinforce the fire resistance of floors, walls, and door frames.

Fire sealants are designed to seal cracks and joints in concrete fireplaces and brick chimneys.

They can take up-to 4 hours to dry.

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