Fire Safety in the Office

In the UK, fire safety is a requirement for every business. Most businesses are required by law to conduct regular risk assessments throughout their properties. This is to identify any potential risks that could lead to a fire and to avoid costly consequences down the line if something goes wrong. Regular risk assessments help in identifying fire risks and recognising those employees most vulnerable.

Every year in the UK, there are around 22,000 fires in workplaces. Many of which are caused by a lack of maintenance with electrical equipment. The main cause of office fires is often the faults in the electrical system from overheating or sparks. They can be caused by faulty wiring, which is a common occurrence, especially when it comes down to old equipment that may have been used for years without the correct maintenance.

This is why fire safety in the office is essential. The presence of clutter in the workplace is not only an eyesore but also poses a major health and safety risk to employees. Therefore, ensuring your workplace is clean and tidy, not only prevents a fire but also improves employee efficiency.

Messy areas can also prevent swift evacuation, so it is crucial to make sure that corridors and stairs, workstations and all fire exits are as clear as possible.

The Benefits of Fire Safety Products

Investing in the correct fire safety products is essential, to protect your business. Not just for the sake of modernising your business, but because the safety equipment can often become worn out and need replacing.

When electrical equipment is not maintained to the correct standards, a fire is more likely to occur. One of the reasons electrical fires are so common is that they can happen anywhere; in offices, workshops, or warehouses.

When a fire does break out in the workplace, everyone’s safety depends on the efficiency of your company’s emergency protocol. Developing and implementing these protocols are not only required by law but they are put into place to protect both employees and employers from the dangers of a fire.

Implementing these emergency procedures helps to prevent injuries and damage to the workplace. This also helps with the clean-up measures afterwards and prevents a loss of productivity.

However, emergency protocols cannot always be relied upon. Implementing fire safety products prevents the fires from spreading and causing further damage. Here at FPC, we manufacture all our products in-house, ensuring they’re made in accordance with the correct British Standards.

Fire Safety Products – Lighting

Our luminaire covers are installed to maintain the integrity of the fire-rated ceilings. The covers are made from fire-rated material with encapsulated intumescent which means, in the event of a fire, it will prevent the fire from further spreading.

Our luminaire covers do not pose any health safety risks, after installation and are non-toxic with moisture that’s in the air.

We also offer fire and acoustic downlighter covers. Downlight covers are the best way to minimise air leakage and help to encase the light without creating a build-up in heat.

Downlight covers are designed to protect your downlights from damage and ensure they stay cool in the event of an emergency. Downlight fire hoods, also known as acoustical or acoustic coverings, can be installed into ceilings below attics that have insulation; this helps reduce warm air escaping through any gaps where there is no insulation present, preventing overheating too.

The intumescent fire hoods for downlights are manufactured in many sizes and colours like white and black. They are used in installations, to maintain the integrity of fire-rated and/or acoustic-rated ceilings where downlights are installed. The cover has a top section, which is where the intumescent is contained. In the event of a fire, the intumescent will drop and seal the ceilings downlight, cutting off the spreading flames from the room below.

When installed with a downlight, the construction of the cover will maintain the fire and acoustic attributes of the ceiling.

Intumescent Fire Hood


Fire Safety Products – Socket/ Switch Protection Products

The acoustic socket and switch fire gasket are used in conjunction with metal socket boxes and light switch boxes. The socket gasket is a key part in preventing the spread of fire. They are designed not to impede internal wiring and can be penetrated easily for wires and cables to pass through.

Used with metal socket boxes where the fire and acoustic properties would be infringed, the gasket is designed to comply with IEE Regulations and British Standards.

The acoustic and fire gasket kit is a great alternative to putty pads. They can be used in conjunction with plastic socket boxes and light switch boxes. The gasket is delivered in specific sizes to suit single, double, and twin socket boxes. To install the gasket kit, place the kit on the back of the socket box and place it in the aperture where it will hold itself in place.

Our socket/switch inserts are made from fire-resistant fibres and used within the socket and switch boxes that are fitted into plasterboard, brick, or blockwork. The inserts are easy to install with no screws or assembly needed. Make a small tight-fitting hole through the inserts for the cable to pass through the insert.

We also offer socket and switch gaskets, which contain intumescent material. In the event of a fire, the intumescent expands to seal against the passage of smoke and fire. They are used within socket and switch boxes that are fitted into plasterboard, brick, or blockwork.

Lastly, our Firesure putty pads are designed for sockets and switches. They are made to prevent the passage of fires through the socket and switch boxes, reinstating the fire rating of the partition for up to two hours.

putty pads for socket

All our products are in accordance with the British Standards, BS EN ISO 140-3 & BS EN140-6, guaranteeing safety.

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