Putty Pads – What are the Benefits?

When it comes to fire protection in buildings, it is essential to consider all potential fire hazards and take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of flames.

Electrical fires are a common cause of fires in buildings, particularly office buildings, often starting due to overheated appliances, faulty wiring or accidental damage. That’s why it’s important to have the appropriate fire protection around electrical fixtures, such as switches and sockets. One of the best solutions to protect against the spread of a fire in such scenarios is to use putty pads.

Our intumescent putty pads offer maximum protection and have several benefits compared to other fire-stopping products. But what are they? What are they actually used for? And what are the benefits? This blog asks ‘what are putty pads?’ and takes a deep look at how they can help protect you from a fire.

What Are Putty Pads Used For?

Putty pads are intumescent fire-stopping products that provide a full fire barrier that sits either inside or around electrical fixtures, specifically for sockets and switches, preventing the spread of flames and smoke through walls and ceilings.

They are made of a non-setting, hand-workable and re-useable putty that expands when exposed to heat, filling gaps around electrical boxes to prevent the spread of fire. Our Firesure® putty pads can reinstate the fire rating of a partition wall for up to two hours. We stock our electrical putty pads in two sizes for internal use and two sizes for external use.

The Benefits of Putty Pads:

Provides a Preventative Barrier

As a passive fire protection solution, putty pads provide a fireproof barrier for all sockets and switches, offering comprehensive fire protection. They are ideal for use in all types of buildings including residential, commercial and industrial.

Two-Hour Fire-Rated Protection

Whilst each brand of the intumescent putty pad may differ, ours have undergone extensive testing to guarantee up to two hours of fire-rated protection. This ensures ample time for evacuation in the event of a fire and provides peace of mind for building owners and occupants.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our exclusive Firesure® putty pads are also a cost-effective solution that provides maximum protection against a fire. They are a great investment for building owners, and are available from just £1.75, with bulk discounts available too. They’re a unique form of protection that provides a long-term solution and can save money on potential fire damage repairs.

Easy to Install

Putty pads are easy to install and require no screws, fixing or assembly. They are simply placed either around electrical boxes or placed inside sockets and switches to form a tight seal, making them a quick and cost-effective solution

Unaffected by Moisture

We’ve ensured that our putty pads are unaffected by moisture, making them suitable for use in damp or humid environments and providing an additional protection method around electrical switches and sockets. They remain effective in all conditions, providing long-term protection in the event of a fire.

Non-Toxic And Maintenance-Free

Putty pads are non-toxic, making them an environmentally friendly and hassle-free solution. They do not require any maintenance either, which saves more time and money in the long run.

Good Sound Insulation Properties

Our Firesure® putty pads also have good sound insulation properties, reducing noise transmission between rooms. This can be especially useful in residential or commercial buildings where noise reduction is important.

Intumescent Putty Pads from FPC

An excellent passive fire protection product, putty pads are an excellent solution for electrical fixtures. If you’re looking to enhance the safety of your building, investing in intumescent putty pads is a great preventative measure – and prevention is always better than the cure.

At FPC, we have an expansive range of passive electrical fire protection products to help improve the safety of your building and stop flames in the event of a fire. From downlights to luminaire covers, each of our products is manufactured to the highest quality and rigorously tested to ensure ample fire protection when you need it most.

Browse our products to find simple and cost-effective solutions to protect your home or business.

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