The Importance of Fire Protection Putty Pads for Electrical Safety

Electrical fires are one of the most common types that can be devastating and often result in severe damage to property, injury or even loss of life. It’s important to take preventative measures to protect your property – be it domestic or commercial. Fire protection putty pads are an ideal solution in preventing the spread of electrical fires, and in this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of fire protective putty pads for electrical safety.

What are fire protective putty pads?

Simply put, fire protection putty pads are an easy-to-install material fitted internally in sockets or switch back boxes that can effectively prevent the spread of fires and smoke caused by an electrical fire. These pads are fire-retardant and mouldable and can also be installed on the outside of sockets as well as the inside. These putty pads were originally designed for sound insulation and have now become more popular to provide added safety to buildings.

Thanks to the putty pads being flexible and non-setting, they are reusable and re-serviceable, meaning they can be relocated to multiple sockets and electrical appliances. The material acts as a viable preventive measure where it will form a robust char that prevents the fire from breaking through the boxes.

Common causes of electrical fires

Electrical fires are one of the most common types in the UK, but fortunately, with the help of Firesure putty pads, if an electrical fire ever does occur, the damage can be mitigated with the risk of spread being drastically reduced.

Some of the most common causes of electrical fires include:

  • Faulty sockets and outlets: Worn-out and faulty sockets occur with age where the wiring can loosen, wear and break which can lead to fires.
  • Outdated wiring: Older buildings will be at risk of outdated wiring connected to breakers being easily overloaded with electricity, damaging the system and catching fire.
  • Light fixtures: If lightbulbs, lamps and other light fixtures are fed with too much wattage it can cause a fire to start. Other materials, such as paper or cloth should never be used to cover lamps or bulbs, as they can easily catch fire.
  • Portable heaters: It is crucial to never leave portable heaters on overnight or for extended periods of time as the coils will become extremely hot, leading to nearby combustible materials catching fire. Portable heaters do not diffuse heat over a larger surface like radiators, meaning there is more of a risk of overheating.

How fire protective putty pads can prevent electrical fires

It is important to understand how to properly install fire protective putty pads in order for them to work properly. Before installing, make sure that all surfaces are clean and free from dirt grease or other contaminants.

For internal fittings:

  1. Cut a slit in the pad to make room for the wires to pass through.
  2. Place the pad within the socket back box so that it completely covers the back and sides.
  3. Take off the packaging material.
  4. Trim off any extra material and cut necessary holes for screws and wires to be able to fit the socket cover back on.

For more information on how to properly install fire protective putty pads, visit FPC’s installation resource here.

Once installed, the putty pad will be an effective deterrent and preventative against fires and smoke, for up to 120 minutes. Thanks to the insulating material, they act as a heat barrier helping to contain and dissipate the heat generated by electrical components, preventing fires from spreading to combustible materials nearby.

Advantages of using fire protective putty pads

There is a wide selection of advantages that fire protective putty pads possess. They will work fantastically in conjunction with other fire prevention measures for electrical appliances, such as circuit breakers and smoke detectors.

The main advantages include:

  • They are unaffected by moisture.
  • Made from non-toxic material and are maintenance-free.
  • Sound insulating to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • They require no screws or assembly to install.
  • Sound insulating.

Additionally, one of the best advantages of fire protective putty pads – that will help to convince you that they are one of the best electrical fire safety measures – is that they are extremely cost-effective. Compared to other protective applications for electrical fires, they are an extremely wise investment and can fit any size socket or outlet you own.

FPC putty pads for electrical sockets

Fire protective putty pads are an ideal way to help prevent the spread of fires, smoke and sound for your electrical sockets and outlets. They can be installed easily and require no maintenance once installed, and form a robust char that effectively prevents fires and heat from breaking through the outlets.

Here at FPC, we supply putty pads for electrical socket boxes at affordable rates, with several sizes to choose from, ensuring you will have the right solution for your location.

For more information on our fire putty pads or any other of our highly regarded fire safety products, contact us today by calling us on 01384 633 660.

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