Fire Protection Expanding Foam


A one component polyurethane foam which cures by reacting with the moisture in the atmosphere and will stick solidly to almost any surface which either contains water or has been sprayed/painted with water. The foam comes in a handy 750mm aerosol can and is dispensed through a nozzle.

A fire rating of 1 hour 45 minutes was achieved on gaps up to 60mm


EF - FR is designed as a sealing foam and is suitable for filling gaps around door frames, pipes and cables that penetrate a fire rated structure, also suitable for filling any gaps up to a 60mm width. Should any pipe, penetrating a fire rated structure, be UPVC then a FPC Wrap or collar should also be used.


Each 750ml canister expands to give approximately 37 litres of foam.

User Information

Only use EF-FR to fill gaps with widths between 5mm and 60mm.

For maximum adhesion always dampen surface before applying.

In its cured state EF-FR can be used in temperatures between minus 40 and 80 degrees C.

Surfaces should be free from grease and oil.

Surrounding areas should be masked and protective clothing worn.

Shake the can well and use in inverted position.

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