Description - Fire Rated Switch Gasket

The Firesure™ Socket and Switch Gaskets contain Intumescent Material which in the event of a fire expands to seal against the passage of smoke and fire. Used within socket and switch boxes that are fitted into plasterboard, brick or blockwork.

The Gaskets are easy to install with no screws or assembly required.

To install remove backing tape on back of gasket and press into place on the inside rear face of the box.

Where there is an earth terminal, nick/cut the gasket and bend upwards the small part.

The Gasket meets all the requirements of the UK Building Regulations and Robust Details.

Available in two standard sizes, Special sizes can be made to order. Finished in Various Colours.


image of switch gasket
image of broken switch gasket used for testing

Switch Gasket - Features and Benefits 

Provides a full fire barrier for switches and sockets

1 hour Fire Rated in plastic boxes and up to 2 hours in metal boxes

Easy to install - no screws, fixing or assembly required

Available in 2 sizes – single and double

Cable entries can be made on any part

Rot proof and unaffected by moisture

Cost effective, Easy to install

Non-toxic and maintenance free


Test Data - Fire and Acoustic Testing

60 minute Fire Tested in Dry Lining Boxes to the relevant parts of

BS 476: Pt 20:1987 & BS 476: Pt 22: 1987

Tested to BS EN 1363-1:2012 and BS EN 1366-3:2009 (June 2020)


In excess of 2 hours fire rating in metal boxes

Tested Back to Back not offset, in both Fire and Acoustic Tests.

Acoustically Rated (back to back) to 64dB

Complies with and Approved by RobustDetails Limited


Sizes Available

Gasket-Single 67 x 67 nominal 4 nominal Single Gang socket/switch box
Gasket-Double 127 x 67 nominal 4 nominal Double Gang socket/switch box
Ceiling Rose 1.8 nominal
Besa Box 1.8 nominal
Available soon 1.8mm Single and Double Gasket Available soon multi media box gaskets

Application Document

Firesure™ Fire and Acoustic Intumescent Socket & Switch Gaskets

Complies with Robust Standard Details and Approved by RobustDetails Limited for use in robustdetails® timber frame and metal frame separating walls, as published in the Robust Details Handbook.


Various Sizes Available for Fire Rated Switch Gasket




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