Putty Pads


The Firesure™ Putty Pads for Sockets and Switches has been designed to prevent the passage of fire through the socket and switch boxes and will reinstate the fire rating of the partition for up to two hours.

It also has good sound insulation properties.


The Putty Pad is a non-setting, flexible, hand workable, re-useable and re-seviceable product due to its non-setting properties. They can be fitted inside or externally around the boxes.  In a fire they form a robust char which prevents the fire breaking through the boxes.


Available in two sizes for internal use and two sizes for external use.


putty pads for socket
fire and acoustic testing

Features and Benefits

Provides a full fire barrier for switches and sockets

2 hour Fire Rated

Can be used for all dry lining applications

Easy to install - no screws, fixing or assembly required

Available in 2 sizes – single and double

Unaffected by moisture

Cost effective, Easy to install

Non-toxic and maintenance free

Sound Insulating


Test Data - Fire and Acoustic Testing

120 minute Fire Tested to the relevant parts of EN 1366-3:2004

Sound insulating to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995

Result: 67 (-2.-7)Rw(C:Ctr) (dB)

Calculated to BS EN ISO 717-1:1997


Sizes Available

PP1S - PR0049 Internal 170 * 170 3mm nominal Single Gang socket/switch box
PP2D - PR0055 Internal 230 * 170 3mm nominal Double Gang socket/switch box
PP1SX - PR0057 External Rectangular 3mm nominal Single Gang socket/switch box
PP2DX - PR0056 External Rectangualr 3mm nominal Double Gang socket/switch box


  • Firesure™ Putty Pads can be used for all dry lining applications
  • Ready to use
  • No special tools for application
  • Solvent Free (no VOC) - Halogen Free
  • Compatible with most building materials
  • Non setting—Non slumping
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Reservicable
  • 120 minutes fire resistance in 100mm and 130mm dry lining. EN 1366-3:2004
  • Sound insulating BS EN ISO 140-3:1995
  • Cold smoke seal

Installation Instructions

  • To install Firesure™ Putty Pads
  • All surfaces must be clean, sound and free from dirt, grease and other contamination.



  • Make a slit in the pad to allow the passage of the wires through the putty pad.
  • Insert the pad into the socket back box covering the back and sides completely.
  • Remove the backing paper.
  • Trim off any excess material and proceed as normal installation.



  • Make a slit in the pad to allow the passage of the wires through the putty pad.
  • Place the pad over the socket back box so that the pad completely covers the back box and overlaps onto the dry lining partition.
  • Remove the backing paper.
  • When using the cross shape putty pads for rear fixing on 25mm and 35mm deep boxes make sure to pinch/crimp the edges together at the corners.
  • For 50mm deep boxes use the rectangular putty pads.
How the Putty Pads work
Placing a Putty pad over the socket




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