Metal Intumescent


The Firesure™ metal intumescent duct sleeve is designed for and suitable for use with thin wall rectangular plastic ducting in plasterboard stud partitioning and masonry walls.


*** Manufactured in various lengths ***

*** Now tested up to 220mm long ***


Can be made in longer lengths.


Test Data - Fire and Acoustic Testing

Firesure™ Metal Intumescent Rectangular Fire Sleeves for Flat Ducting are manufactured to suit 110x54mm, 204x60mm and 220x90mm in various lengths.

Firesure™ Metal Intumescent Rectangular Fire Sleeves for Flat Ducting consists of a graphite based intumescent encased within a glavanised steel sleeve.


Features and Benefits

Tested to BSEN 1363-3:2009 – Latest Test Data Date June 2020


Tested with Uncapped/Uncapped (U/U) duct configurations required for ventilation ducts


Tested on more onerous 100mm stud partition

Tested through unlined openings through infill and pattress Slab/Batt

Tested on 1.5mm thin wall ducting


In excess of 2 hours fire rating achieved in differing lengths from 110mm to 180mm


Suitable for insulated and non-insulated partitions

No mechanical fixings required – Can also be retrofitted

Unaffected by  water/moisture.


Cost effective, Easy to install, Maintenance free, Available in range of sizes


Sizes Available

MIRFSD-220/90/160 220 x 90 232 x 102 160 to 220 ≥ 2 hours
MIRFSD-204/60/180 204 x 60 216 x 72 180 to 220 ≥ 2 hours
MIRFSD-204/60/160 204 x 60 216 x 72 160 to 220 ≥ 2 hours
MIRFSD-204/60/110 110 x 54 216 x 72 110 to 220 ≥ 2 hours
MIRFSD-110/54/160 110 x 54 122 x 66 160 to 220 ≥ 2 hours
MIRFSD-110/54/110 110 x 54 122 x 66 110 to 220 ≥ 2 hours

Application - Installation Instructions

  • The Firesure™ metal intumescent duct sleeve must be positioned centrally to bridge the cavity within stud partitioning, so that as a minimum it is flush with both faces of the wall, or protrudes from each face. 

    The plasterboard should be cut to be as tight a fit as possible around the Firesure™ metal intumescent fire sleeve. Any gaps should be sealed with Firesure™ Intumescent Mastic.


    In a fire the intumescent expands and being contained within the metal sleeve it expands and closes the hole left by the collapsing ducting retaining the structures integrity.


    The Firesure™ metal intumescent duct sleeve is made to suit the size of the ducting and the length required.


    To ease installation of the Firesure™ metal intumescent duct sleeve a self adhesive tab is attached to secure the sleeve whilst positioning through the wall/partition.



This product should be fitted as above. ** This product is a guaranteed product and is covered by our £10,000,000.00 product efficacy insurance cover. **  The I.P. proprietor reserves the right to alter or amend the design specifications of this product at any time without notice.






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