Fire Safety Products Near Me

Are you searching online for fire safety products near me? Look no further than FPC (UK) Ltd, your local fire protection equipment supplier.

FPC are here to solve all your fire protection problems. We have been established for over 25 years and are a family run business. We have over 30 years industry experience specialising in fire safety solutions.

Fire protection products

We provide multiple fire protection products to multiple industries with our in-house manufacturing facilities. We are dedicated to providing efficient solutions to fire protection problems. We design and test a large selection of products. We love making sure the nations people are safe across many different sectors, providing the following products:

  • Electrical
  • Doors
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Glazing
  • Structural
  • Fire Safety/Containment

We are proud to work in many different sectors including:

  • Medical – We have become to go to supplier for the medical sector
  • Electrical – Electrical products are more likely to be prone to fires, help protect your project with FPC products
  • Construction – why not build assurance and quality into your projects with FPC products
  • Council – Here at FPC we are an approved supplier for the council
  • HVAC – keeping all HVAC products clean and contained with FPC products

Everyday fire safety

If you are looking for fire safety products near me for everyday use, FPC can help we can supply everyday fire safety products such as:

  • Fire blankets – ideal to keep in rooms where there may be a fire hazard, ideal for kitchens and homes.
  • Socket Inserts – these are there to prevent toddlers and small children from electric shocks.
  • Fire door seals – these work by fitting into a door frame, when exposed to eat they expand and fill the gaps so that a flame cannot escape through this can last up to 60 minutes.
  • Fire curtain – these can be used in large buildings to prevent the development of a fire.
  • Intumescent fire mastic – a powerful fire-resistant filler and sealant that provides a seal against smoke, fire and toxic fumes.
  • Fire rated acrylic sealant this is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in floors and walls. Construction fire safety


Construction fire safety

If you are looking for fire safety products near me for construction use, FPC can also help, we supply many fire safety products for the construction industry, including:

  • Intumescent fire hoods for downlights – these are used when installing downlights in a ceiling
  • Acoustic downlight covers – these covers allow for continuous installation over and around the light fitting, improving the effectiveness of installation
  • Electrical Putty Pads – designed to maintain the fire resistance of plasterboard partitions
  • Steel faceplates – these will cover fire rated block grilles in the openings of fire compartment walks, fire doors and partitions.
  • PU coated glass cloth – A gas proof fabric that is flame retardant
  • Soldering mats-heatproof mats used for soldering
  • Intumescent glazing channel – this fire material will expand and assist in cooling down the perimeter of the glass


If you are looking for fire safety products near me, contact FPC we have all the expert knowledge and products to assist you with exactly what you need.

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