Fire Safety Products Glasgow

Are you searching for fire safety products Glasgow? Look no further than FPC UK.

We offer simple solutions to all your fire protection problems, with over 30 years industry experience and a family business for 25 years we specialise in providing fire safety solutions around the whole of the UK, including Glasgow.


We provide Fire Safety Products

Here at FPC, we pride ourselves on supplying fire safety solutions, we cover the whole of the UK including Glasgow and its surrounding areas including East Kilbride, Bishopbriggs and Bearsden. If you live in the Glasgow area and are looking for someone to supply your fire safety products, why not give us a call on 01384 633660 our friendly and experienced team are on hand to offer any advice they can and welcome any questions you may have regarding your fire safety products.


About FPC UK

For well over 30 years, we have been dedicated providing efficient solutions to fire protection problems. We have designed and evaluated a wide variety of products suitable for the ever-changing market.

The products we provide include:

  • Electrical- including Luminaire Covers / downlight covers /Intumescent Fire Hoods / Socket/switch inserts / Putty Pads
  • Doors - including Hinge & Lock paper / Door Viewers / universal Door Seals / Universal Door Sleeves / intumescent Strips / Fire & Acoustic Acrylic Sealant
  • Plumbing - including Pipe Wraps / Solder Mats /Intumescent Pipe Wrap / Intumescent Pipe Collar
  • HVAC - including Flame Bar / Fire Extinguisher / Fire Blankets / Intumescent Mastic / Fire Protection Expanding Foam
  • Glazing - Including Glazing Tape / Intumescent Glazing Channel
  • Structural - including Linear gap seals / Block grilles / Fire Curtains / Steel Face Plates
  • Fire safety/Containment


We ensure that as many of our products as possible are eco-friendly as being eco conscious is a growing concern for all of us.

Industry Sectors

We currently are collaborating with many companies in many different sectors. Some of these we have listed below:

  • Construction – Building quality and assurance into any projects that you are working on with our products.
  • Medical – FPC has worked with the projects within the medical sector and have become the go to supplier.
  • Council – There are many rules and regulations that must be followed when collaborating with the council, FPC have done this and now work with the council regularly.
  • Electrical – With electrical projects there is more risk of fire so let FPC protect your project.
  • HVAC – Ensure that all your projects are clean and contained wen you use FPC fire safety products

Simple solutions to all your fire protection problems

FPC are committed to helping the nation with their fire protection problems. Putting our 30 years’ experience into the heart of all that we do.

We have in house manufacturing; all our products are quality checked and come with a lifetime insurance and express delivery is available.

All businesses have their own health and safety measures in place, as a minimum all workplaces and premises must adhere to fire safety guidelines and ensure the safety of their staff is paramount.

The main responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure fire risk assessments are conducted and are reviewed regularly.
  • Keep staff informed of the risks that have been identified.
  • Put safety measures in place and maintain them.
  • Plan for emergencies
  • Provide correct fire safety training


Whether you are a homeowner or business owner fire safety should always be implemented.

Contact Us

If you are in the Glasgow area and need help with what fire safety products you, may need, we are more than happy to offer advice on any of our products or discuss what you need. Call us on 01384 633 660 or complete one of our contact forms below and will be in touch as soon as possible.