Fire Safety Products Eastbourne

Are you searching for fire safety products Eastbourne? Look no further than FPC (UK) Ltd.

FPC is your local fire protection equipment provider. We are a family run business that have been established for over 25 years, and we have 30 years’ worth of industry experience.

We have complete in house manufacturing facilities and can provide multiple fire safety products to multiple industries.

About FPC

Here at FPC we cover the whole of the UK, including Eastbourne and its surrounding areas on the Southeast coast. We have been dedicated for the last 30 years to providing efficient solutions to fire protection problems. We always offer expert advice on which product is best for your requirements.

Our passion is making sure that our nations people are safe across different sectors, priding ourselves on continually researching and focusing on product development. All of our products have been tried and tested to all relevant standards where applicable, all test data is available upon request.

Being eco conscious is a growing concern for all of us. We have a selection of eco friendly products that are designed and tested by ourselves.

Fire safety product range

All our products are designed to meet the markets changing needs, our products aim to fit all of your fire protection needs with an extensive range, that are tested fully to relevant standards.

We offer many electrical fire safety products that include luminaire covers, downlight covers, socket and switch fire gasket and electrical putty pads.

Our structural fire safety products include steel face plates, fire curtains and intumescent grills.

The fire safety products we offer include pipe wraps, solder mats and intumescent pipe wrap.

There are many fire safety products for doors including draft seals, hinge and lock paper and fireproof letterboxes.

Fire safety for glazing products include glazing tape and intumescent glazing channel.

Lastly our HVAC fire safety products include fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire protection expanding foam.

Fire safety equipment needs  

There are many fire equipment products that every premises needs, with each business and sector needing its own unique health and safety measures and the various procedures in place to follow, there are however many key health and safety rules that every workplace should enforce. Every workplace must adhere to and enforce to ensure the safety of their staff, these include:

  • Risk assessments must be carried out regularly
  • Inform staff of the risks identified
  • Put safety measures in place, and ensure they are maintained
  • Plan for emergencies
  • Provide correct fire safety training and instruction

Fire safety should always be implemented whether you are a business owner or a home owner.

Fire safety in the home

There are many fire safety products you can have around the home such as:

  • Fire blankets-ideal to keep in the kitchen, should a fire start, the blanket can be thrown over to suppress the flames.
  • Draft Seals- ideal for preventing the spread of fire and smoke through joints and openings.
  • Socket Inserts- Designed to prevent toddlers and small children from the risk of electric shocks.
  • Intumescent fire mastic-a fire resistant filler and sealant that provides a seal against smoke, fire and toxic fumes.


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We offer a variety of fire protection products that will fit all your fire safety needs , whatever your industry or sector, FPC will be able to help your business and premises stay fire safe.

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