Intumescent Slab

2 Hour Rated


ISB Intumescent Slab/Batt comprise a slab coated both sides with an Intumescent ablative coating. The slab is rigid with high stiffness, very little or no flexing and allows for easy cutting. The surfaces are firm and suitable for painting and the whole board is highly resistant to delaminating.
The slab meets the requirements of BS476. The rock mineral wool which constitutes the majority percentage of the slab has an extremely high melting point. In a fire the slab/batt will emit negligible quantities of smoke and fumes. The slab is rot proof, odourless, non-hygroscopic, do not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.
The use of rock mineral wool products may result in lower building insurance premiums compared to plastic foam insulants.

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