Intumescent Pillows


FPC Intumescent Pillows are fibreglass covers containing:

Mineral Fibres

Non Combustible Agents

Intumescent material

Other fire retardant Additive

When Operating temperatures are reached in a fire the contents of the FPC Intumescent Pillow stick together and start to expand so closing the small gaps and crevices around the penetration, until they harden to form a smoke and flame tight mass.


FPC Intumescent Pillows are simple to install and just as easy to remove, making them the ideal solution when temporary fire stopping is required around cables, cable trays and other similar penetrations, or when work is in progress prior to permanent fire stopping application. When packed together as directed the FPC Intumescent Pillows will provide up to four hours fire protection.


For wall penetrations lay a single width of FPC Intumescent Pillows, overlapping at the edges, and build up a tight barrier of pillows around each penetration until the opening is firmly packed.
For floor penetrations lay four layers of pillows on or within a 50mm square steel mesh tray using the above   procedure and cover with further framework of steel, mesh stay will require fixing to the main floor using non combustible fixing's.

Sizes Available

300 x 200 x 35

300 x 150 x 35

300 x 100 x 35


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