UFS Duct Sleeve/Wrap
(For Plastic Ducting)
Patent Ref GB1402732.5

Test conducted to the temperature and pressure conditions of BSEN
1363-1: 1999 and the principles of BSEN 1366-3: 2009


A flexible Intumescent sleeve/wrap designed to fit around plastic ducting.
The Intumescent sleeve/wrap is secured by means of a self-adhesive tab.

No metal sleeve or mechanical fixings are required for use, even in uninsulated or insulated stud walls.

UFS is tested capped and uncapped.



The sleeve/wrap is suitable for use where plastic ventilation ducts pass through uninsulated and insulated stud partitioning and solid walls and floor slabs. In a fire the Intumescent expands and closes the hole left by the collapsing duct, so retaining the structures integrity.
In a 100mm uninsulated stud partition wall 120 minutes fire integrity was achieved on 204x60mm thin wall ducting.


The sleeve/wrap is placed tightly around the duct and secured with the self-adhesive tab.
For stud partitioning slide UFS until flush with or through both sides of structure.
The position of the sleeve/wrap on the duct must be where the duct passes through both sides of the fire rated structure to maintain the structures integrity.

To specify the correct UFS for stud partitioning

  1. Specify the outside dimensions of the penetration.
  2. Specify the overall thickness of the partitioning.

The correct UFS is then supplied.

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