Intumescent Cable Tray Wrap Sleeve
For Use in Insulated Stud Partition or Solid Walls/Floors.


An Intumescent Cable Tray Wrap Sleeve, that fits around Cable Trays. The Cable Tray Wrap Sleeve is wound around the Cable Tray and secured with a self -adhesive tab. Once wound around the Cable Tray and secured, just slide into position and make good surface with suitable material or use Intumescent Mastic.




Suitable for use where Cable Trays pass through walls or floors and insulated stud partitioning. In a fire the Intumescent expands and closes around the cable tray and cabling, so retaining the structures integrity. Ratings available up to 2 hours in insulated stud partitioning.


Cost effective

Easy to install on initial build or retro fitting

Maintenance free

Available in a range of sizes

Unaffected by weather


Place sleeve wrap tightly around Cable Tray and secure with self-adhesive tab.
Slide the sleeve wrap so that it goes through the stud partitioning and is flush both sides, or slide into floor slab or through wall so that it is slightly recessed from the surface. Insert sponge into gaps between wrap sleeve and cables to prevent passage of smoke until Intumescent expands. The wall can be plaster skimmed to seal around the edge or use Intumescent Mastic (FPC Ref IM). Intumescent Mastic (FPC Ref IM) can be used to seal the edges in solid walls or floors.                   .

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