Intumescent Pipe Collar


A steel collar internally lined with Intumescent material that fits around plastic pipe work. The collar is hinged for ease of fit and secured with a clip fastener. Attachment to the wall or floor slab is by 6mm anchors fixing through integral steel lugs.


Suitable for use where plastic pipes pass through both walls or floor slabs. In a fire the Intumescent expands and closes the hole left by the collapsing pipe, so retaining the structures integrity. Ratings available up to 4 hours, and sizes upto 400mm


Cost effective

Easy to install on initial build or retro - fitting

Available in wide range of sizes

Finished in red for easy identification


Undo Clip and place collar around the pipe, close firmly by shutting the clip. Slide the collar along the pipe to form a seal with the wall or slab. Intumescent Mastic (FPC Ref IM) should be used as gasket material to take up any imperfections between the collar flange and the wall or floor slab. Fixing should be by 6mm anchors or in the case of studded walls by cavity fixings.
Health and Safety

No reportable hazard to health


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