Also available with
Twin blade.
(10 x 4 Only)



Intumescent Strip

Complies with Fire Requirements
Tested to BS476 Pt 22


Encased in a PVC carrier the Intumescent core is clean, non toxic and is non fibrous (Dust free). All strips are supplied with self adhesive backing tape. Smoke seal brushes do not have a plastic fin, other seal types available. Supplied in standard 2.1 metre lengths in white or brown, and will offer both 30 and 60 minute protection dependant on size.


When correctly positioned in the door leaf/door frames the seals, upon expansion, prevent the passage of flames, smoke and fumes from one compartment of the building to another.


Groove the door or frame ensuring the groove is in a central position in the door rebate. Seals must be fitted into the groove just wide enough to accept them. Ensure the background is dry and free from dust and grease. Seal the wood with a proprietary sealer or paint to give greater adhesion for the strip. Peel off the protective tape and press the seal into position (the adhesive side should be in the base).
The PVC casing should be flush with the surrounding wood.
Where hinges or locks interrupt the flow of the seal then cut the strip and butt up to the hinge or lock. Seals can be over painted but do not paint the smoke seal (where fitted). All other materials and ironmongery should be of an approved type and design to ensure compliance with the British Standard for fire doors.

Available in

10 x 4mm
15 x 4mm
20 x 4mm
25 x 4 mm

Brush Sizes

5mm Standard


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