Face Fix Intumescent Seal

Tested to BS476 Parts 20-23


A stick on Fire & Smoke Seal that is only 1mm thick and is suitable for both 30 minute and 60 minute fire doors. Suitable for going directly over hinges, just peel off the backing tape and stick onto the frame. Available in both white or brown complete with grey smoke seal.
Comes as a complete door set with “FIRE DOOR KEEP SHUT” sign, hinge & lock paper plus panel pins.


Ensure there is a gap of at least 2.5mm to 3.5mm between the head of the door and frame and also down the closing side of the door and frame. If the frame has been painted or varnished then make sure the surface has been cleaned thoroughly removing all grease and dust, dry completely.
New wooden frames that have not been painted or varnished should be sealed with a wood sealer or painted/varnished.
N.B Unsealed timber will dry out most self adhesives over a period of time.


Instructions supplied with each pack.

-         No need to route frame or door
-         Saves money, time & labour
-         Very thin – just over 1mm thick
-         Quick and easy to apply
-         Self adhesive, just stick it on, panel pins supplied are for the brush smoke seal
-         Fire seal can be over painted
-         Supplied in complete door sets

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