Smoke & Draft Seals

Surface Mounted Seals

A brush pile available in, 5mm, 7mm and 10mm depths and comes complete with double sided tape. To fit, remove the baking from the tape and fix around the frames perimeter ensuring contact with the door in the closed position. Panel pin at either end then at 350mm intervals.

Ordering References

SSB/5                 5mm
SSB/7                  7mm
SSB/10               10mm


Frame Mounted Seals

A seal encased in a plastic holder to fix to the door frame. The lengths should be cut to size to suit the three sides of the door frame (exclude the threshold). With the door in the closed position, place the seal on the frame behind the stop ensuring even contact of the smoke seal brush with the door, pin the strip at each end then centrally.
Open the door and ensure the door closes suitably on the door closure whilst making even contact with the seal, adjust the seal position if needed. Fix the remaining pins in the preformed holes to complete.
Ensure newly painted doors are dry before closing onto the seal.

Available in Single & Double door packs, colours are white or brown.

Ordering References

FMSSB          Brown
FMSSW         White

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